Scribe Jane Goldman Writing “Pinocchio” For Robert Downey Jr.

With vampires no longer the hot, new trend, Warner Bros. is committed to bring a classic fairy tale back to the big screen. Details after the jump.

The studio has brought screenwriter Jane Goldman into the mix in hopes that her rewrite will entice Tim Burton and Robert Downey Jr. — both who have been flirting with the idea of directing and starring since at least January — to join the “Pinocchio” project.

The latest version of Carlo Collodi’s tale would find lonely, childless wood carver Geppetto (which would be played by Downey, assuming he signs on) making his puppet son-replacement as usual. But when Pinocchio heads off on his famous quest to become a real boy, Geppetto makes sure he is accompanied by a hulking beast, a patriotic soldier, and a mythological god… Okay, that’s not true.

Bryan Fuller wrote the first draft of the script and now Goldman (“The Woman in Black,” “X-Men: First Class”) is taking over re-writing duties. Incorporating notes Downey Jr. took seems to be her big plan to convince the “Iron Man 3″ star to jump aboard.

Props: Empire