Spinoff: DJ Drama Interviews Avicii


DJ Drama: Is the EDM world competitive for DJs?
Avicii: Not at all, because everyone is playing each other’s productions. The people who’d be your competition are probably close to your own sound, but you still have to play them.

How does a DJ in dance music get big?
It’s all about the music. With the music exploding, there’s more people who get familiar with an artist or producer, and they want to see him. Then they see he’s playing a big arena show. Some [dJs] get lucky and get swept up by somebody [established], but the ones who keep delivering stay. If someone makes a huge track and they don’t keep living up to that, they’re going to disappear just as quickly.

I noticed that you’re a younger guy; did you ever carry record crates?
No, I came in long after that, right when they switched to USBs. mixing and becoming a dJ is so much easier now. You don’t have to be technical anymore—you can download a program and watch bring as much to the table as I can for a live show.

Do some EDM DJs go to shows with pre-prepared sets?
I know people that have done that. I don’t only prepare a played set; there’s always a live aspect. For most edm dJs focus on the whole two-hour journey, so I haven’t seen many [live] effects.

I feel EDM DJs have it easier, because the audience is more open to new music. The hip-hop crowd always wants hits.
I can see that. It has a lot to do with where you are. They’re more educated in some places. If I play at a Vegas pool party, they want to hear what they’ve already heard. At a Holland nightclub, they want to hear something new.

Do you include hip-hop in your sets?
Sometimes I’ll play it for an encore, but not much.

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