Stacey Dash Release 1,000+ Word Essay On Romney

Actress Stacey Dash made it public knowledge last month that she was in support of Republican nominee Mitt Romney in this past presidential election—which ended yesterday in favor of President Barack Obama.

The former Clueless star showed her disappointment in the electoral results by penning a letter to TMZ—reportedly 1,344 words long—where she erratically tried explain her reasons for standing behind the Romney/Ryan vote.

Here are just a few excerpts picked out from her letter to TMZ:

“Like most Americans I was insulted with the idea that Obama was only elected because he was black, that people of color wanted one of their own, regardless of what sort of leader he would make. The same idiots make the argument that white guilt is why so many Americans voted Obama into office in the first place. That rhetoric is what helps divide this great nation. I didn’t vote for Clinton because he was white and neither did anyone else. The skin color of candidates needs to be the last thing discussed, if at all.

I voted for the Romney ticket because I was inspired by their promises of working tirelessly to create a strong economy as their first objective. I have other issues that are close to my heart like equality, and women’s rights, and the benefits of strong public schools. I realize on these issues I’m entirely progressive. There are plenty of moderate Republicans who feel exactly the way I do on these issues. I don’t think we have to trade one for the other. The main objective of our nation must be repairing the economy. All our social concerns must come after this. Without a stable economy our great nation falls.

Although I am disappointed that Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan did not win. I am hopeful that President Obama will lead us to becoming the great UNITED STATES OF AMERICA that thrives.”

You can see Stacey Dash’s full “swan song” letter by clicking [HERE].