Steve-O Talks Starting in Comedy, Getting Sober and His Past

Steve-O is now a changed man.

The former “Jackass” star spoke with Alyona Minkovski of HuffPostLive to talk being sober and vegan. “My past is just full of ridiculous stories. A lot of jokes come out of that,” he says. “Before I got sober in 2008, I was doing drugs to the point where I was hearing voices and I was in my apartment, people were walking around that weren’t really there. I was hallucinating…and my spirit friends were telling me I would have to answer for the things I do to others…So I stopped eating meat and then a month later, I wound up in rehab, and I’ve been clean and sober and non-meateater ever since.”

Watch the self-proclaimed “semi-famous drug-addicted female slut” discuss doing stand-up versus stunt comedy and his funnyman routine below.

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