Subway Pervert Caught Assaulting A Sleeping Woman

Ladies, if you need a reason to stay awake on the train, here’s a great one.

A subway pervert was caught fondling a sleeping woman on tape by another straphanger. The assault reportedly took place in October on the 4 train at 3:30 in the morning when the unidentified man placed his hand between the woman’s legs, the Gothamist reports.

Jasheem Smiley caught the disturbing incident on his iPhone and tried to stop the man. Smiley said the victim awoke when the creep attempted to put his arm around her. She then punched him “hard” in the cheek and fled the train. Smiley showed the conductor his video and the train was stopped, but the man had already exited at either 23rd Street or 14th Street.

“We’re looking into it, but there’s no actual complainant,” an NYPD spokesperson said. “But we’ve seen the video, and we have initiated an investigation based on the video.”

Catch the creep below and call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS if you have any information.