Ted Nugent Calls All Obama Supporters “Soulless Fools”

Rock star Ted Nugent exercised his freedom of speech by bashing the election after President Obama’s second term victory.

The Detroit-bred conservative decided to vent his frustrations on Obama’s supporters, according to the Inquisitr. “Pimps whores & welfare brats & their soulless supporters hav a president to destroy America,” he wrote on Twitter. “So Obama still demands the hardest workers provide for the nonwotkers. Shared opportunitiesmy ass”

“What subhuman varmint believes others must pay for their obesity booze cellphones birthcontrol abortions & lives,” he continued. “Goodluk America u just voted for economic & spiritual suicide. Soulless fools.”

This isn’t the first time the rocker has spoken out against the President. At the NRA Convention this past April, he said, “If Barack Obama becomes the president in November again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year.” Nugent joins Donald Trump and former Clueless actress Stacy Dash who expressed their dismay with the polls in public. However, the number of celebrities that celebrated Obama’s win far exceeded the negativity.