Tesla Model S Named Automobile Magazine’s 2013 ‘Car of the Year’

President Obama says that there is still more work to do. Does Tesla have the means to fulfill the POTUS’s expectations? Find out after the jump!

Electric cars have had a love-hate relationship with car consumers. On the one hand, they’re a greener means to a satisfying end. And on the other, it is a short term ride for those looking to travel the country in their beautiful automobile.

Neither opinion stopped “Automobile Magazine” from naming the electric car better known as “Tesla Model S” its “Car of the Year,” citing the car’s sleek design and impressive speed. “It’s the performance that won us over,” Automobile Editor-in-Chief Jean Jennings said in the magazine’s January 2013 issue. “The crazy speed builds silently and then pulls back the edges of your face. It had all of us endangering our licenses.”

The Model S is an all-electric luxury sedan that would look sweet in anybody’s garage, or even their music video. It can accelerate from zero to 60 miles per hour in just 4.3 seconds. Think of it as you’re driving a green-powered Usain Bolt. While that is fast for any car on the road, it is especially unique for the Tesla S, a car with the size and roominess of a BMW M5 sedan. In a test arranged by the magazine, the Model S even beat the 560 horsepower automobile in a race to see who could hit 100 miles an hour first.

Another added feature that will make car aficionados swoon, the Model S doesn’t have a key or a “start” button: By just sitting in the whip itself with the key in your pocket turns the car on. All you have to do is standard procedure: put your foot on the brake, put it into ‘D’ (drive for the walkers), and the car is ready to travel the lanes of this beautiful country.

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