Vixen Chat: The Floacist Talks New Album, Floetry’s Break-Up and Being An Independent Artist

The Floacist

As far as a reunion with the songstress, the Floacist is game as long as their vibes are in sync. “The doors of Floetry are always opened for Marsha. They’ve never been closed, but in order for us to be able to create together, we would have to be working off a similar ethos.”

Her silence regarding Floetry’s separation shouldn’t be mistaken for anything less than The Floacist’s reverence for unity and womanhood. She acknowledges the power of women in creating positive energy that she attempts portray that in her music. “I felt that there was an importance in being able to walk this experience gracefully and show that we know how to regenerate ourselves.”

As an independent artist under Shanachie Entertainment, the Floacist is able to exercise her freedom and proclaim her truths in a way she believes is uncompromising, although it is a challenging responsibility. She explains being independent “doesn’t necessarily come with limousines and people and lights.”

“I actually really love my life. I’m very blessed. I have a very beautiful family. I’m not trying to get away from anything. I don’t create art as a means of escapism.” –Rachel Francois

The Floacist’s soulful passion project Floetry: The Re-Birth hits stores Nov. 13. Buy on iTunes here.