Third Accuser Steps Forward in “Elmo Sex Case”


Kevin Clash, the former voice of our childhood pal, Elmo, has been involved in a tumultuous scandal that includes sex, lies, and chat lines.

A THIRD accuser, going by the alias “John Doe” has come forth, claiming to have met Clash while on a gay phone chat line. Doe, at the time of the incident, was only 16 years old and pursuing his modeling career in New York City when the encounter occurred. He went to visit Kevin, and an apartment filled with Elmo paraphernalia greeted him, including dolls and pictures.

According to TMZ, there was some oral sex and other sexual acts performed on “John Doe” while he was under the influence of alcohol. While they managed to stay in touch, and not engage sexually again until John became an adult, he is now suing his former lover.