Vixen Chat: Tiffney Cambridge Talks ‘Marrying The Game,’ Favorite Reality TV Couple and Mentoring

Young Boy meets Older Girl. Older Girl doesn’t like Young Boy (at first). Young Boy is persistent and finally gets Older Girl.

The happily-ever-after anecdote sounds romantic enough, but the real-life tale of schoolteacher Tiffney Cambridge and Compton rapper JayceonThe Game” Taylor is a little more unique and, um, rough around the edges. Among VH1’s most recent reality uprising is Monday night gem Marrying The Game, an exclusive peek into Cambridge and Game’s seven-year relationship and current journey down the aisle. Sprinkle in four engagements, two kids (King and Cali) and a hip-hop lifestyle that begs late nights and months-long periods away from home, times have been quite trying. As you can guess (or have seen in the supertrailer), the road they’ve travelled is a bumpy one but they’re pulling back the curtain on how they make it work.

Vixen caught up with Game’s future wife to see what it’s really like to love him, the show’s offerings and how she spends her down time in LA.–Niki McGloster