Vixen Chat: Tiffney Cambridge Talks ‘Marrying The Game,’ Favorite Reality TV Couple and Mentoring

Tiffney Cambridge for Marrying The GameVIBE VIXEN: How did you meet Jayceon (Game)?
Tiffney Cambridge: Through my sister’s kid’s dad. His sister does hair in his barbershop, so when I would go get my hair done, I would see Jayceon there. He would flirt back and forth with me, then I would see him sometimes at some parties and he’d just be flirting like, ‘Can I take you out?’ and all that kind of stuff. Back then, he just looked young and kind of acted young, so I wasn’t initially drawn to him or interested in dating him. But after my mother passed away, he was a good source of comfort for me and he consoled me and that’s how we hooked up.

What was it about him that made you fall head over heels for him?
We had a lot of fun together. When I was with him, I forgot about a lot of the grief that I was going through at that time. He helped me and I helped him when he first left G-Unit. We just really developed a unique friendship and through that we just kind of fell in love.

He has proposed four times. Why didn’t the others work out?
The first couple of proposals were him doing anything just to get me back. When I left him, it was, ‘Will you marry me? Come on, let’s go down to the justice of the peace.’ He would just do anything. The last one where he proposed to me at my school was probably the most memorable one, although I was mad at him for doing that because I was caught off guard. I just had gotten my wisdom teeth pulled, so I was in a lot pain. I was not at my best that day.

Many of us are aware of how difficult it is to be the wife or girlfriend of someone who is in the entertainment industry in general, so why did you choose to take that leap of faith and deal with his lifestyle?
I really don’t think I made a conscious effort to do that. It was kind of something that was already in play before Jayceon became a celebrity, so when he became a celebrity, it was like an added feature to what we already had in play. If I had taken the time to think about it, I might have done a couple of things differently. I didn’t actually think about what it would be like to be with somebody like that, so I’m kind of learning on the job.

Initially, were you nervous about letting cameras into you and Game’s private life?
YES! [Laughs] I think that I was worried and am still worried about inviting the public into my personal life and home. How is this going to affect my career? What are my kids going to think at school? You get concerned about people having something negative to say and passing judgment on you. It’s a lot. I really don’t think there is any way to deal with that; you just have to deal with it as it comes.

Being apart of the VH1 family now, who are some reality TV stars that you already know or hope to meet?
I know Evelyn [Lozada] and Shaunie [O’Neal]. Shaunie and I actually went to high school together, and Evelyn and I met through Jayceon because he and Chad are friends. I’m also friends with Imani from Basketball Wives LA and Daphne Wayans; she’ll be on the new Hollywood Exes. Those were all my girls before the reality show came to be, and it’s good that I have them because I can go and ask them for counsel.

What is some of the advice that Shaunie has given you?
She told me not to pay attention to the negative things that people say about me. We were watching Joel Olsteen and his sermon was having a “no stick” anointing. So whatever people say doesn’t stick to you it just flies on over.

That’s great advice for a venture like this. Now, in the super trailer you were arguing with Jayceon about traveling and women. What are your limits as far as the women in Game’s life?