Vixen Chat: Tiffney Cambridge Talks ‘Marrying The Game,’ Favorite Reality TV Couple and Mentoring

Tiffney CambridgeVV: That’s great advice for a venture like this. Now, in the supertrailer you were arguing with Game about traveling and women. What are your limits as far as the women in Game’s life?
TC: The supertrailer just gave you a small part of what the conversation was about; when you see the full episode you’ll understand where I was coming from. You just don’t come up out of nowhere one day and say, ‘This is my assistant.’ It’s like what? How did we get here? It’s not so much that I don’t want any woman around him. Of course, he’s going to have women around him. It was taken a little out of context for the trailer, and when viewers see the entire episode, they’ll understand what I was talking about. When you do have females around your man that are in close proximity to him on a daily basis, I think you should have a certain comfort level with whomever that female is.

Certainly, a lot of women can understand that. There was also some back and forth with calling off the wedding. Were you having cold feet?
A little bit. Jayceon is a handful [laughs] It takes a strong mind, patience and endurance. It’s kind of like when you’re at the top of a roller coaster and it’s about to go down, you have that apprehension.

What do you want audiences to learn about your relationship from the show?
You can be polar opposites and make a relationship and family work. It takes a lot of work, but you can do it. A lot of people say, ‘Why are you with him?’ Just the fact that he’s with a more mature woman who has her head on straight and is not bouncing up and down at the club every week lends to the authenticity of our relationship. Through the show, you’ll be able to see who I am as an individual and how Jayceon is out of the spotlight of being The Game, and how people who are different in their lifestyles and careers can come together and make it work.

What are some of the other reality TV couples you love?
Jim and Chrissy are my number one favorite. I see a lot of parallels between their relationship and mine and Jayceon’s. You know Jimmy loves her to death, but he’s still Jimmy just like Jayceon loves me to death but he is still Game.

Do you want capitalize off the new limelight and dabble in passion projects as we’ve seen other reality stars do?
I’d like to stay somewhere in education. My girlfriend and I were thinking about writing some children’s books and maybe opening up a tutorial service where I can be one-on-one with the some kids so that if I’m not in a classroom environment everyday, I’m still able to share myself with our youth. Mentoring is very important to me.