Tour Diaries: A$AP Mob’s DJ J. Scott (Week 4)


A$AP Mob’s DJ J. Scott checks in with during week 4 of the tour.

Have you been keeping abreast of all the Hurricane Sandy stuff?
Yea it looks craze back home. Just want to send out condolences to everybody that suffered loses.

Where you at right now?
We just got into New Mexico now.

So you finally got tatted I see.
I ended up getting a tattoo Umbrella in Portland from the homie that was going to do it in Seattle. Yams actually got a tattoo yesterday in Arizona as well.

Last time we spoke you were telling me how it wasn’t all fun and games on the road.
We have a studio bus so yeah it’s been a good amount of work getting done on the road. Hector (Engineer/Head of house at shows) is on deck and working constantly.

What are some movies you guys watch on the bus?
THe most watched movies would definitely be the House Party Collection, The Ninja Turtles Collection and In To Deep. A lot of video game playing. The most played games are Madden, NBA 2K13 and UFC. Oh and we’ve been playing the shit out of Good Kid M.a.a.D City.

You miss New York’s many restaurants or you like that on the road, fast food life? What’s your favorite fast food?
Man. Fuck all this fast food shit. My favorite food is when we get to eat REAL food.

Care to add anything?
I’m going to send pics from my phone and a timeline of all the shows like Too $hort, E40 and K.Dot coming out in Oakland and the Big Show in LA which was also School Boy Q’s birthday. And in Phoenix we performed on a stage that rotated the whole performance. You’ll see. Check the flicks