TRAILER: Dwayne Johnson Punches Drug Dealers In New Film, “Snitch”

The Rock has rebounded from misfires such as “The Tooth Fairy” to be in a really dope movie known as “Snitch”. See the trailer after the jump.

In “Snitch,” Dwayne Johnson is packed together amidst a suspicious cast of characters for what closely resembles a made-for-TV movie. Susan Sarandon, Barry Pepper and Benjamin Bratt make up just a few of the odd supporting players in this picture. Johnson plays a father who strikes a deal with an attorney to be an informant in a drug cartel in exchange for a dismissal of the drug charges now facing his son.

The hook here is that this film was inspired by a PBS “Frontline” documentary, making the tagline “Inspired by true events,” NOT a misnomer. “Snitch” aims to open in theaters next year on February 22. You can see the trailer for the project below:

Props: Empire