TRAILER: Rockstar Perfects Its Storytelling With “Grand Theft Auto V”

Today is the day! Still waiting for all the details for “Grand Theft Auto V”? We got something to tide you over after the jump.

The second “GTA 5″ trailer has officially hit the web, giving gamers and fans of the upcoming installment from Rockstar Games even more of a preview at what’s to come in this game. Full of all of that good stuff that you’re used to from those crazy Rockstar guys, carjacking, car chases, shooting and missions full of mayhem are jam-packed into an eclectic display. Backed by the wonderful vocals of Stevie Wonder, the clip opens with one of the characters, Michael, at an expensive mansion as he narrates about how he’s “been in this game a lot of years” but still “got out alive.”

Quickly you’re propelled into the world of “the life,” and if you’re unsure of yourself, Michael’s advice to others is simple: “give the s–t up.” The premise of the new game will likely have you returning to that criminal world with two other characters involved.

Without giving too much away, we just advise for you to press play (if you haven’t done so already) and get ready for that Game Informer magazine cover to drop soon!

Props: Nigel D.