Twilight’s Judi Shekoni Talks Playing Zafrina, Rob Pattinson and ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′

Though tweens will be flocking to the theaters in hordes to catch a glimpse of their fave vampires and wolves in Breaking Dawn Part 2 this weekend, the fellas also score some eye candy with Judi Shekoni.

The British model/actress slips her fangs on in the name of good for Twilight’s final installment. “I play Zafrina and she is one of the Amazon vampires and she has a special power – she can make people see whatever she wants them to see,” Judi tells VIBE. “I do use it a couple of times during the movie and I help it to use the Cullens.”

She says it was a breeze to work with fellow Brit Robert Pattinson, who plays Edward Cullen. “Working with Robert Pattinson was amazing. He’s from England so we have a similar sense of humor,” she says. “Just him and the other cast members who have done all the other movies…it was really awesome to have them around and guide us and tell us what to expect.”

Judi also talks about the extensive process it takes to get ready thought she wasn’t wearing “too much.” Peep the full Q&A below.