Twitch & Sony Online Entertainment Announce Partnership

To paraphrase the words of Curren$y, “Those who are sleeping on e-sports gaming — don’t deserve it!” Details after the jump.

First murmured at this year’s SOE Live 2012 in Las Vegas, the e-sports juggernaut adds another stone to its growing mountain of awesomeness as Twitch is partnering with Sony Online Entertainment to incorporate in-game live streaming to PlanetSide 2. The highly anticipated MMO (currently in external beta) will be the first to integrate Twitch’s live streaming service, and will allow players to show off their gorgeous gameplay to the vast swath of gamers who flood Twitch routinely.

With more than 20 million gamers watching e-sports on the regular, you can now become an instantaneous viral star if you play your cards right.

SOE has said that it plans to incorporate Twitch into “future relevant titles,” which has us excited about the future possibilities within competitive game. For those who are currently enjoying the external beta for PlanetSide 2, an update is scheduled to be deployed for players to begin testing this weekend. Twitch has also announced that it has begun discussions with other large game developers (Ubisoft, perhaps?!) and publishers to incorporate its live streaming service within its IP.

“We’ve gone out of our way to make the interface extremely easy to use and allow players to cast with just one-click,” John Smedley, President, Sony Online Entertainment noted in a statement.

Enjoy these screenshots from the upcoming PlanetSide 2 / Twitch experience below:


Props: VentureBeat