Tyra Banks Covers ARISE Magazine’s Top 100 Women Issue

Tyra Banks gets down to business on the cover of ARISE magazine. The 38-year-old model industry vet was photographed in a black and white spread by Seiji Fujimori. Styled by Ty-ron Mayes and Sabrina Henry, the America’s Next Top Model creator looked fierce in sequins and black.

In the cover story, Tyra opens up about what makes her happy. “Driving my car on the weekends… far. Washing my make-up off at the end of the day… it just feels damn good, it’s really me when I look at the mirror. I’m like ‘That’s who she is, they don’t know her’. [And] making young girls feel good, having a young girl coming up to me and me complimenting her on something physically and see her face light up, that just makes me happy.”

She also gave insight on her life philosophy. “Have tunnel vision but do not forget your personal life. I’m all about teaching people to go for your goals, work extra hard, tunnel vision, tunnel vision. Now I say have tunnel vision but don’t forget your personal life. Now I talk to them about not forgetting your friends; yes you have to sacrifice but don’t forget your family, don’t forget if you want to have children. I waited too late for all of that. So I feel it’s important to have the balance, and I’m learning that now.”

Check out the video below of how Tyra got glam for the ARISE photo shoot.

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