V Playlist: Joe Budden x Emanny, The Weeknd, Stacy Barthe, And More

VIBE’s Daily Additions to the ‘Pod

1. Joe Budden (feat. Emanny) – “More Of Me”
Budden takes seven minutes to go on wax & pour out his feelings on past abuse, struggle, and eventually finding love. The lyrical content is deep at times, which makes it that much more personal, and overall impressive. When rappers reveal painful details about their past, the end result is usually worthwhile. This one doesn’t disappoint.

2. The Weeknd – “Till Dawn (Here Comes The Sun)”
“Till Dawn” has a more contemporary R&B sound than Abel’s usual “drug-laced” tunes that we’re used to. That being said though, his signature eerie vibe can still be heard throughout. We’ll classify this one as a kick-backer.

3. Stacy Barthe – “Flawed Beautiful Creatures”
Barthe takes that soulful voice she was blessed with and gives us something smooth to rock to. The message is one that’s been preached countless times before in the R&B genre, but somehow it sounds fresh when she belts it out here.

4. Chase N Cashe (feat. A$AP Rocky) – “Beastin'”
Given the two artists in this collaboration, this song could’ve been more hard-hitting overall. Not a bad song in the least bit—actually, the beat is pretty sick—but “ok” lyricism doesn’t always do the trick.

5. Smoke DZA, Al-Doe & NYMLo – “Cold Water”
DZA’s verse is easily our favorite, but everyone on record contributes some dope stuff. Whatever that creepy Twilight Zone sound is in the background, it really gives the song that extra dose to make it an interesting mixup.