V Playlist: MWill, Cassidy, Action Bronson x Alchemist, JoJo, And More

VIBE’s Daily Additions to the ‘Pod

1. MWill – AsAbove|SoBelow [Instrumental LP]
From listening to this airy, yet pounding instrumental album, you can clearly tell it was made with the “SoHo cool kid” in mind. There’s equal layers of trippy, chill, and relaxation felt throughout. Quick suggestion on our end: “Sirius” would be our top choice to be shopped around. We see a dope R&B artist, male or female, tackling this with ease.

2. Cassidy – “The Diary Of A Hustla” (Meek Mill Diss)
As far as diss tracks go—if this is actually aimed at Meek—there could’ve been more slick “Oh shit!” moments lyrically. For example, bars like “Them nigga is my sons/I’m gonna get a vasectomy” or “You niggas pussy/I’ll put a hole in you and make your period come” are funny, but predictable. One thing Cass never has to worry about is his quick-witted metaphors—which he exercises well for the most part. Meek, you’re up next.

3. Action Bronson & The Alchemist – Rare Chandeliers (Mixtape)
What do you expect from one of the illlest new rappers and an undisputed beat king? If you said anything along the lines of “dope,” “insane,” or “hot,” you’re only touching the surface of this hip-hop banger. From Bronson’s Wu-influenced flow to Alchemist’s immaculate samples & mixing, there’s not too many points where this goes wrong—if at all. standout cuts include “The Symbol,” the ScHoolboy assisted “Demolition Man,” and “Blood Of The Goat.”

4. JoJo – “We Get By”
We wish we could hear more from JoJo on a consistent basis. On “We Get By,” she gets a little gangsta with her “Cali green” references, but still manages to come off sweet with the crisp tone of her delivery. Her self-proclaimed 90s idols, like Brandy for example, would surely agree with our approval of this one.

5. T-Pain – “Who Am I”
T-Pain’s not a rapper, so there’s no need to point out his lyrical flaws on this track. However, even with that set aside, nothing really stands out about this. It’s no real surprise that this was left on the cutting room floor.

6. Vinny Cha$e (feat. Kid Art) – “Harlem Roses”
Great sampling and a steady upbeat flow make for a cool listen from this Harlem native. Definitely deserves a play or two.