V Playlist: Redman, Wynter Gordon, Astro, And More

VIBE’s Daily Additions to the ‘Pod

1. Redman – “Hurricane Sandy Relief Freestyle”
Redman’s heart was definitely in the right place—which he gets mad props for—but we’re just not sure what type of tone he was going for. Soca? Hip-Hop? Both? Either way, it didn’t translate well into either genre.

2. Wynter Gordon – “Lucky Ones”
Gordon’s voice has a bit of Gwen Stefani to it, which is definitely not a bad comparison. Part feel-good, part alternative, “Lucky Ones” is a cool tune for one of those “good weather” days. A little more bass could’ve really added to this, but it’s a good song overall.

3. Astro – “Methods”
And he comes out swinging! Astro has some bars in that young brain of his on this track, which isn’t too surprising since he was a fan favorite of ours on X Factor. Add on the fact that he also produced this, and you’re looking at a promising start to a burgeoning rap career. Diggy, watch out.

4. Johna Austin (feat. Jermaine Dupri) – “What A Feeling”
It’s good to hear Johnta back on his smooth R&B tip. While it does sound like something Mariah Carey would’ve tackled during her The Emancipation Of Mimi days—and features that album’s main producer, Jermaine Dupri, ironically—Austin gives a vocal performance that makes his signature presence known. We’re feeling this one.

5. Omen – A Glorious Cool [EP]
A Glorious Cool is such an appropriate title for this mixtape. Omen takes some chill, laid back beats—dipped in Dilla influence—and flows over them with a confident ease. The entire tape thrives on a solid mood, which is cohesive but leaves you with a sense of wanting more diversity. If you want something to ease your mind while giving you that throwback Soulquarian feel, definitely give this a few spins.