VIBE Events: Dillon Francis Wet & Reckless @ Webster Hall

Photo Courtesy of Nicky Digital

Anyone and everyone who loves to rage in NYC was out to play at Webster Hall this past Friday night as Moombah master Dillon Francis and inventer of YOLOLO made a pit stop on his “Wet & Reckless, currently making its way across the United States. “Wet & Reckless” is a befitting title for the frenzy of adoring fans that were packed like farm animals in a corral to see their favorite cat-loving DJ/producer drop some massively thick bass. It was certainly one of the messier nights of the year – not a soul emerged unscathed from being saturated in hot sweat after Dillon Francis destroyed the sold out venue with his tribal flare.

But if you didn’t give a f*ck or sh*t, like Dillon who coined the phrase, you slicked your hair back and partied on in front on a giant stage branded with “F**K.” Refusing to stick to one genre, Dillon played a wide variety of songs including, and not surprisingly, a lot of trap, some incredibly filthy bootlegs; he even played the Pledge of Allegiance – “I pledge of allegiance to Dillon Francis” of course. The place erupted when he dropped Major Lazer’s “Pon De Floor” and vibrations could be felt from all corners of the dancehall when he dropped abrasive crowd favorites like “Masta Blasta,” his collaboration with Diplo “Que Que” and his remix of fellow opener, Clockwork’s “Hulk.” As the night went on, Dillon Francis integrated some dubstep into the eclectic playlist, dropping Skrillex’s “Right In” and “Reptile’s Theme” and rattling Webster’s floorboards with a really grimy edit of Knife Party’s “Destroy Them With Lazers.” Being anything but predictable, he ended the night throwing in the classic “Tequila” song by The Champs and Drake’s “Aston Martin Music.”

Here are some of our favorites from the night: