VIBE Interviews Nick Cannon and K-Pop Sensation, The Wonder Girls

Nick Cannon and the ladies of K-Pop group The Wonder Girls crashed the VIBE offices to discuss why Korea’s hit genre is making international strides.

“I’m always trying to be on what’s next,” says Cannon, whose Teen Nick company produced a film on the girls’ U.S. takeover. “I’ve known these girls for quite some time and watched their global domination. K-Pop has been something that’s been buzzing all around the world.”

With millions of YouTube views, the Asian sensations are taking their viral success to the States yet remain humble in the pursuit. “We kind of gained our success in a very short time, in two years so it’s kind of something we never expected,” says vocalist Sun Mi. They say their crossover album will host a mix of genres including R&B and the upbeat melodies that define their record.

Fans can also expect their revolution to be televised. Cannon says that a TV show, similar to the flick’s premise, is in the works.

Watch their group interview with VIBETV below.