VIBE’s Thanksgiving Day NFL Picks

Thanksgiving is here and that means food and football. As @CuffstheLegend says, “no two potato salads and homemade macaroni & cheeses are alike, proceed with caution.” With that said, here are VIBE’s Thanksgiving NFL picks! Happy Turkey Day!

Texans vs. Lions

This is easy! The Lions suck this year and the Texans are going to the Super Bowl. Bet the farm, your life’s savings and ya granny’s cooking skills that the Texans will win — sike!

Tomorrow, the Texans will be playing their third football game in eleven days. So basically, the Texans players have been in the equivalent of about twenty-two car wrecks in less than two weeks. They are sore, tired, and they have to travel to Detroit. This game has upset all up in its DNA.

Sure, the Texans should win, they are just plain better than the Lions, but that’s why you play the game. The Lions have dropped two straight and are just plain due for a win. The Texans know they’re in the playoffs, they know they’re good and they know they are very tired. You don’t need geeky football stats to see that this will be an upset. Lions win, 24 – 20.

Redskins vs. Cowboys

One of the best and oldest rivalries in all of football on Thanksgiving day? Yes, the football gods love us all. Whether you love or hate “America’s Team” you’re always aware of how the Dallas Cowboys are doing any given season.

This season, the Cowboys have been playing like they have been the past few seasons, which is like you’re really talented but spoiled cousin that never quite reached his full potential. The Boys are 5-5 but have been playing sloppy of late and they are playing on a short week.

RGIII brings his Redskins into town, fresh off of licking and sealing the envelope on Eagles head coach, Andy Reid’s, fate in Philly. RGIII had a dope start to his rookie season, but he hit a couple of roadblocks along the way. Those roadblocks are all the Cowboys need to know how to defeat the rookie QB. The Redskins defense is hot garbage roasted in bullshit, especially their secondary. Say what you want about Tony Romo late in games, but in the first three quarters, the kid is money. The Skins don’t have the pass rush to pressure Romo with injuries all along their front seven.

Tony Romo won’t win this game, RGIII won’t win this game, Dallas’ defense will win this game. RGIII is going to get baptized in humble pie on national TV much like the Patriots did to Andrew Luck last week. RGIII’s inexperience and the Redskins secondary will be the weak links of this game. Cowboys win, 31 – 17.

Patriots vs. Jets

If the Jets were a good team this would be a pretty dope way to end your Thanksgiving Day. Instead, I’ll be watching the TCU vs. Texas college football game, because that will be much more competitive than this.

The two teams played a competitive game earlier in the season, with the Pats winning in overtime, 29 – 26. The Patriots were playing sluggish and with a trash secondary. They’ve gotten their act together in the secondary and their front seven is now playing well. The Patriots offense is always going to operate like the finest Cadillac in the tri-planet area. Even with Rob Gronkowski injured the Patriots will still find a way to win.

The Jets don’t have enough weapons to hang with the Patriots, bottom line. The Jets are the kings of inconsistency and they played a great game last week, so guess what they are doing this week? Lose. Patriots win, 35 – 21.

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