VIDEO: Local News Reporter Mistakes For Other Rappers

While most of us were out celebrating the re-election win for President Barack Obama, this guy (which you can see after the jump) was experiencing a case of Romnesia.

Channel 7’s Miami/Fort Lauderdale area was in for quite a laugh, almost as hilarious as Lil Wayne’s deposition video. Reporter Blake Burman was covering the presidential election at Camp Obama when he mistakenly identifies former Black Eyed Peas frontman as Wyclef Jean. You’re probably thinking, “That’s typical. All Black entertainers look alike.”

Well, it gets better!

While the Boyle Heights native was being interviewed by the foreign press, Burman didn’t have any new information to update on President Obama. So, what better way to kill time and entertain the masses at the same damn time? We’ll let you see for yourself with the clip below:

:40 in and we bet you can’t stop yourself from laughing. Burman, corrected by someone off camera, didn’t quite hear the “Wuh” sound from his on-site producer and thinks that Wyclef Jean is really rapper Wale being interview.

After two guesses, you’re out as our contestant, Mr. Burman. Thank you for playing “Guess That Black Guy!”

Props: Mass Appeal