Video: San Antonio Spur Tim Duncan Gives Fan The Middle Finger

If you ever wanted to see San Antonio Spurs living legend Tim Duncan mad, then click the jump to see the video and be amazed!

…At how boring the hybrid power forward can be when peeved! Tim Duncan, a man not known for his emotional outbursts, recently made the ranks of viral videos around the Internets after giving a woman the middle finger while leaving a CVS store.

First posted over at Deadspin, the video features the multiple time winning NBA champion exiting a Northwest Side CVS last Friday. A woman (who is clearly a basketball fan) saw the lanky ballplayer, got into her car and waited for him to come out. Without saying a word to Duncan for several seconds, Tim sensed her presence and felt bothered by the camera’s eye transfixed on his person.

We’ll let you see what happened for yourself in the video clip below:

The most boring middle finger ever delivered, right?! If you think so, too, then leave your comments in the section below! Or hit us up on Twitter (@VIBEMagazine)!

Props: Deadspin