Vixen Inspiration: You Are Royalty!

Inside every one of you is a queen and a brat, and inside every man is a king and a fool. So Vixens when was the last time you’ve tapped into your royalty? When was the last time you looked in the mirror and saw yourself as the queen that God created you to be? The world and life will often appeal to the brat or the lowest part of  you, so it’s up to you to live as a queen at all times. How do you do this? Well here are some quick exercises to help you on your royal journey:

  1. Write down the attributes or character traits of a queen, a woman of class and elegance.
  2. Write down the attributes you have that are similar. Increase those traits and your awareness of them in your life.
  3. Be honest. Write down the not-so-royal traits and begin to tackle one-by-one. Remember, you’re human but still do your best to work with them.
  4. Lastly, do your best to see the royalty in others and treat them as such.

If folks didn’t get the memo that they’re in the presence of royalty, kindly let them know with your beautiful smile, grace and elegance.

God Bless and rock on!

Pervis Taylor III, is a Life Coach Workshop Leader and Author of the book Pervis Principles Volume One.  For more information visit and follow on twitter: @pervistaylor

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