Vixen TV: Marsha Ambrosius Talks New Album and Working with Kanye West

Marsha Ambrosius is no stranger to working with big names and she assures there will be a few surprises on her upcoming album Friends and Lovers.

“Like the first one, I like to throw in curveballs of what you thought you knew or expected,” the singer tells Vixen at the Global Spin Awards. She recently added some shock value in her latest visual “F*ck And Get It Over With” in which she struggles to let go of a female lover.

“I got a call from Kanye West, saying come to London and I came to London,” she recalls about her contribution to “The One” on the G.O.O.D. Music compilation Cruel Summer. “I heard that piece of music and said, ‘What would Kanye do?” and I pictured myself in the desert with an army of people charging at me.

“He’s so open and free and creative. It’s easy,” she says of working with the Chicago MC.

While Marsha appears on the track alongside Big Sean, 2 Chainz and ‘Ye, she has experience working with the music industry’s leading ladies Alicia Keys and Lauryn Hill on her previous album Late Nights & Early Mornings. For round two, she promises to step her game up. “This time around, I had to take it up a notch…and that’s what happened.”

Check out the full interview and a surprise appearance from DJ Premier below.