Was This Football Announcer’s Remark Racist?

Terry Bradshaw is not exactly the brightest mind on TV. Back when he was the quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers, an opponent said of Bradshaw, “He couldn’t spell ‘cat’ if you spotted him the C and the T.” But is he racist?

While doing a recap of Sunday’s NFL action, Bradshaw said that Miami Dolphins running back Reggie Bush was running “like he was chasing that bucket of chicken.” Bradshaw’s fellow announcers leapt to his defense, claiming that Bradshaw’s comment was an inside joke with fellow announcer Jimmy Johnson. And Bradshaw’s co-host, Curt Menefee, who is black, claimed that the context was not racist and was taken out of context.

Bradshaw apologized for the comment Monday, saying he’s “so sorry if I hurt anybody and I’m shocked I’m in this position.” Either way, it seems that Terry said something he shouldn’t have. It wouldn’t be the dumbest thing to come out of his mouth, but it’s close.