Wiz Khalifa Breaks Down His The Weeknd Collabo and Performs on Jimmy Kimmel

A Wiz and Weeknd track may sound farfetched but the captain of the Taylor Gang embraced the Toronto crooner’s unique sound from the moment he received the beat.

“‘Remember You’ was a good song because it was different for me. I’m used to just writing the songs myself and picking the beat, but it was something Abel sent to me and was like, you know i got this idea,” Wiz recalls. “Nobody coud really duplicate their sound and how they do things and produce and I was able to do my part and put it in their hands.”

The Pittsburgh-bred rapper, whose upcoming album O.N.I.F.C. due December, says the collaboration enhanced the project. “It adds to the darkness and scariness of the album. and just making it something that lasts for a long time and not somethig that’s just for right now.”

Watch him break down the track below and pre-order O.N.I.F.C. on iTunes here.

Bonus: Watch Wiz perform the song on Jimmy Kimmel