WNBA Star Wanted By Police

Former WNBA Chamique Holdsclaw is on the run from police after allegedly destroying her ex-girlfriend’s car. Atlanta police issued an arrest warrent Tuesday for Holdsclaw, who is accused of smashing her ex’s windows with a baseball bat, then firing a gun at the vehicle.

Fellow former WNBA player Jennifer Lacy, Holdsclaw’s ex, claims that Holdsclaw followed her in her car to a friend’s house. That’s when Holdsclaw smashed Lacy’s Range Rover with a bat, then pointed a pistol inside the car and fired. Lacy, who was not inside the car at the time, was unharmed.

Police recovered a bullet casing at the scene, and are still on the lookout for the Olympic champion and WNBA All-Star. She last played in the WNBA in 2010.

Holdsclaw detailed her battle with clinic depression in her autobiography, which was released earlier this year.