Woman Claims Waffle House CEO Forced Sex Acts


An Atlanta woman who claims to be the personal assistant of Waffle House CEO Joe W. Rogers Jr. claims the CEO forced her to commit sexual acts on him while she was his employee.

Gawker spills the dirty details, which include allegations of pornography, sex toys and lingerie. The woman, identified in an Atlanta Police Department report as My Brooke Brindle of Acworth, claims that during eight years of employment, the Waffle House chief would sexually harass her and force her to perform sex acts on him once or twice a month.

The woman says she could not leave the job because she needed the money to support her son. Once her son gained an athletic scholarship to college, she was able to come forward with her allegations. Waffle House claims Rogers is no longer CEO, but is still Chairman. They declined to comment, saying the issue was between Rogers and his employee.