Women Run The World: Meet Our Female Congress

In April 2012, our now two-term President Barack Obama asked: “Is it possible that Congress would get more done if there were more women in Congress?” Answering his own question, he continued, “I think it’s fair to say: That is almost guaranteed.”

There is no doubt that this year’s election impacted women more than any other group of people. With something as important as reproductive rights on the line, having our voices heard and represented isn’t just a wish; it’s a necessity. While we’re all still reeling over Obama’s climb to the top again, we can’t help but notice the end of the so-called “war on women.”

This year’s Senate and House of Representatives elections have set records in terms of race, gender and sexual orientation. Come January, the 113th U.S. Congress will have more female senators than ever before.  Here’s to the Vixens that knocked down the walls built in the past to create our bright future.–Nicole Brown


Tammy Baldwin

Baldwin, a Wisconsin democrat, now represents the usually red state in the Senate. Besides being the first woman ever to represent, she is also the first openly gay seat holder.