The 12 Most Unexpected Rap Beefs of 2012


Rap beef is inevitable. Although rappers try to keep the peace most of the time—or, at the very least, try to hide it from the public’s eyes—there isn’t going to be a year that passes without some kind of rap beef breaking out. As long as guys like 50 Cent, Game, and Gucci Mane are on the scene, rap beef is going to be around.

But, this year, we saw our fair share of really strange rap beefs. You know, the kind that made you made you scratch your head and say, “Wait a minute. Rapper X is beefing with who?!?” If you told us a year ago that we’d see some of these beefs in 2012, we wouldn’t have believed you. And yet, they all took place. To see exactly what we mean, just check out our list of The 12 Most Unexpected Rap Beefs of 2012. These beefs prove that beef is always going to be a part of rap music, no matter how hard we try to eliminate it.