The 25 Best Twitter Reactions To Game’s ‘Jesus Piece’ Album


Dr. Dre loves Game’s new album, Jesus Piece. He said so late last week in a text message to Game that the Compton MC shared with the world.

“Your album is Dope,” the text said. “The song with the D’Angelo sample is fuckin Crazy. Great job. Congratulations!!!!”

Dre isn’t alone in thinking that the project is “Dope,” either. Although a lot of rap fans weren’t really expecting a whole lot out of Jesus Piece after last year’s underwhelming R.E.D. album, the truth is that Jesus Piece is Game’s best project in years. So, people have been pleasantly surprised upon pressing play on the album and, as a result, have been taking to their Twitter accounts to let the world know about Jesus Piece. With that in mind, we decided to hit the tweets to collect The 25 Best Twitter Reactions To Game’s Jesus Piece Album. If you haven’t peeped the project yet, these reactions might make you re-consider.