25 Things Celebrities Want For Christmas This Year


Celebrities have it all. From luxury rides and gigantic mansions to designer clothes and shiny jewelry, they literally have everything that they could possibly want or need at their disposal. So, when Christmastime comes around every year, they just skip it. They don’t make Christmas lists or ask their friends and family for anything because, well, there’s nothing for them to ask for. They already have everything there is to own!

Just kidding. Even though they’re rich and famous, celebrities celebrate the holiday season, too. Despite what you might think, there are things that they want and, as a result, they make Christmas lists just like the rest of us. What are some of those things? Well, in an effort to show you—and, in an effort to give you some ideas, should you wish to buy your favorite celebrity a gift this holiday season—we put together a list of the 25 Things Celebrities Want For Christmas This Year. Who’s buying what?