5 Best Jamie Foxx Moments on ‘SNL’ (VIDEO)


VIBE’s current cover man Jamie Foxx hosted Saturday Night Live this past weekend to hype the Dec. 25 premiere of the new Quentin Tarantino film Django Unchianed. Foxx plays a freed slave who yearns to be reunited with his wife (played by Kerry Washington) who is at the fate of a ruthless plantation owner (played by Leonardo DiCaprio.) It’s a dark turn for DiCaprio and an ass-kicking one for Foxx, who slings a gun and fights gladiator-style in the flick.

“This person you’ve watched grow in his career, and now everybody is chomping at the bit for this role,” Foxx told VIBE about DiCaprio’s ballsy and controversial portrayal. “And you know how ruthless blogs can be? Everybody on the blogs hates you. You could be the Messiah and they’ll be like, “Man what’s up with the sandals.” But 98 percent of the blogs say I want to see the Quentin Tarantino movie where Leonardo is the bad guy.”

Foxx poked fun of the flick’s serious themes (and Jay-Z) in his opening SNL monologue. He was also joined by rapper 2Chainz for an impromptu performance of “Birthday Song.” Check out Foxx’s hilarious stint on the show by way of VIBE’s favorite highlights.

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