5 Do’s and Don’ts of Photo-Ready Makeup


Vibe Vixen Vibrant Eye ShadowDon’t skip on primers.

Women have so many things to consider when posing for pictures: Is my hair okay? Am I sucking in my gut enough? Are my Spanx showing? You don’t want to have to add to the list: is my makeup creasing?

Flash photography is very unforgiving to makeup gone awry. Your concealer may be settling into the fine lines underneath your eyes and the winged liner that took you so long to perfect, may be falling down your cheeks before it’s time to say “cheese!”

Do prime your lids and face before applying your makeup.

Use a silicone-based primer for your face and under-eye area to keep foundation and blush from sliding everywhere. Prime your eyes with a jumbo eye pencil or a creamy eye shadow base to ensure long lasting shadow, especially if you have oily lids!

You’ll also notice a difference in color payoff when you lay down a primer before eyeshadow. Whether you are using a higher-end shadow or a drugstore brand, the colors will appear truer and more vibrant.