5 Do’s and Don’ts of Photo-Ready Makeup


Vibe Vixen Shimmer BronzerDon’t use a shimmery bronzer:

Wouldn’t we all like to have that sun-kissed glow year round? Some women try to replicate the radiance by piling on shimmery bronzers. Keep in mind that shimmer is used to highlight small areas of the face, and any glitter can settle into wrinkles and fine lines. If you misuse the glittery powder, you will risk looking like a disco-ball in photographs.

Do contour with a matte bronzer:

Be mindful of matte bronzers, they can appear orange-y. Sticking with a chocolate brown color will give you a warm glow and the illusion of perfect bone structure. Run your matte bronzer on the backs of cheekbones, along the jawline and around the temples for a slimmer face. Your face will look perfectly radiant and slender from every angle.

To add a bit more dimension to your face, try an aluminizing highlight on the tops of cheekbones and on the brown bone. This will give your face a candlelit effect and act as a nice contrast to the contouring.