5 Men Scorned By Their Women


Ne-Yo and Jessica White and Chimere
We all have heard the heartbreaking story about deadbeat dads, but what happens when a man is taking care of a child he believes is his, only to find out that isn’t the case?

Before Ne-Yo was known to the world as the superstar he is, he met and fell in love with a woman named Jessica White. The two had a baby boy named Chimere (Ne-Yo’s middle name). All was well until years later when Jessica told the R&B star that he wasn’t the biological father of the little boy he called his son. Even after the bomb was dropped, Ne-Yo still assumed the father role. In the State of California if a man puts himself out there as the father of a child (even if he isn’t the biological father), he is responsible for child support, so the bad news kept coming.

Thankfully, the “Let Me Love You” singer parlayed his heartbreak into songwriting material and now has a very successful career and a growing family.