5 Non-Singing Celebrities Turned Pop Artists




Amber Rose FameAmber Rose

Amber Rose has gained a certain level of celebrity for herself, not disappearing once leaving Kanye’s side. The former stripper-turned-model was never shy about her body, often seen frolicking topless on beaches, but who knew she was shy about singing?

Amber admitted her soon-to-be hubby Wiz Khalifa gave her the push to release her record “Fame” after giving it rave reviews. The house/pop record was released in 2012 to a lukewarm reception. Nonetheless, the bald beauty has also been featured on Wiz Khalifa’s Never Been Apart II  featuring Rick Ross.

Amber is now quite literally barefoot and pregnant waiting on a baby boy due shortly. For now her pop career is on the back burner and her budding family is front and center.