5 Things You Should Know About Instagram’s New Policies


4. ¬†Instagram can use your pictures: Although you own your content, IG is free to use it without any consequences. Maybe it’s time to filter what you do or don’t post?

You agree that Instagram is not responsible for, and does not endorse, Content posted within the Service. Instagram does not have any obligation to prescreen, monitor, edit, or remove any Content. If your Content violates these Terms of Use, you may bear legal responsibility for that Content.

5. ¬†Instagram isn’t responsible for lost content: The photo service has become a digital scrapbook for many, but be sure to back up everything on your computer or phone as IG isn’t a backup service:

Instagram is not a backup service and you agree that you will not rely on the Service for the purposes of Content backup or storage. Instagram will not be liable to you for any modification, suspension, or discontinuation of the Services, or the loss of any Content.


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