5 Ways to Wear Leather This Season


Always find yourself looking for leather when you’re out shopping? No? Well it’s time that you do!

Whether you’re a fan of leather or not, you’ve got to admit that this look has come a very long way. What was once known for scary biker dudes with mustaches or women donning latex and whips is now looking much classier these days.

From delicate piping on a blouse to autumn-perfect skirts, don’t miss out on this hot trend. Here are 5 ways you can rock leather this season! — Vicki Valery


1. The Leather Dress

Paired with heeled leather ankle boots or simple pumps, you will look on-trend without trying too hard. Shy away from any add-ons that are loud and will compete with your dress for the spotlight. Earrings are optional, just remember minimal is key.