6 Celebrity Couples Who’ve Gotten Tattoos for Love


Body ink has been the most popular trend since social media.

Average people and celebrities alike find body art to be freeing and a form of self expression for what he or she stands for. The possibilities of what a person wants to get tattooed on them are endless, but couples often venture into the realm of ink when they are sure they will be with someone forever. From matching tattoos to inking their significant others’ name, celebs have done it all.

Vixen has rounded up six couples who’ve gotten tattooed for love, even if they’re no longer together, the reminder is forever on their body.

1. Beyoncé and Jay-Z

Bey and Jay are the cutest thing. The two have matching Roman numeral “IV” tattoos on their ring fingers to signify their love and the huge significance the number holds in their lives. Both of their birthdays are on the fourth and their wedding anniversary is on the fourth. The stamp connects them eternally.

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