Actor Steven Baldwin Arrested


Actor Stephen Baldwin was arrested Thursday for tax evasion, and the state of New York claims he owes more than $350,000 in taxes.

Baldwin, who lives in the New York City suburb of Rockland County, has allegedly not paid three years worth of state income tax. Baldwin, brother of Alec, Billy, and Daniel, is best known for appearing in The Usual Suspects. He faces up to four years in state prison if convicted.

“At a time when Rockland County and New York State face severe fiscal shortfalls, we cannot afford to allow wealthy residents to break the law by cheating on their taxes,” said Rockland County District Attorney Thomas Zugibe told the New York Post.

Baldwin’s arrest comes after he failed to pay taxes in 2008, 2009 and 2010, and includes interest and penalties. Baldwin was apparently the voice in some movie called Dino Time this year, but he has not been as active on screen in recent years. Maybe this will be the spark that gets him to do Bio-Dome 2. We can only hope some good comes from Stephen Baldwin’s arrest.

And wow, the man can take a mugshot!