Vixen Initiation: Alaina Lewis Talks Screenwriting and Her Moment of Inspiration


To say Clutch Magazine’s former Senior Editor Alaina Lewis is on the move is an understatement—her pace is more like a gallop. Since leaving Clutch to focus her efforts on her own PR company, Electric Heart Media, Lewis has carved out a unique niche by combining her talents as a journalist and a media producer.

Not only does Lewis generate press for her clients, the talented CEO also offers a wide range of hard-to-come-by services like video production, website development and photography. As a result, the client roster for EHM is already robust: prestigious events (Cannes Festival, American Black Film Festival, Miss Black Minnesota Pageant), international restaurants (London-based Pizza Fresha), as well as up-and-coming celebrities (teen rap sensation Young Marqus and NBA-hopeful Marcus Hill).

Lewis prides herself on providing her clients with personal attention. She’s even traveled with Young Marqus on his recent 12-city tour while simultaneously shooting footage and arranging exclusive backstage interviews.

Vixen caught up with the writer-slash-director-slash-producer just days before she was about to jet off on a promotional trip to Mexico and Hawaii for Young Marqus and Jacob Latimore. Excited about her successes, Lewis was eager to talk about screenwriting, her moment of inspiration and sneaking in through the back window.