Are You Choosing To Be The Side Chick?


In this rat race we call life, most of us strive to be number one. It’s in our very DNA to work hard enough to obtain that number one slot. The concept of choosing to be in second place is foreign to me, and yet sadly, some of us are doing that very thing.

Here’s an example for your consideration.

Let’s say you meet a guy and you’re really, really, really digging him. At some point he informs you that he’s already involved, but doesn’t see anything wrong with the two of you “keeping in touch” despite your better judgment you agree, because you’re only looking to have a good time, and the situation isn’t that serious…yet.

Now here’s the glitch in the matrix… the two of you have become intimate and we both know what happens when your engaged in sex, don’t we? You are going to develop feelings for a man that won’t be in a position to reciprocate. You know the smart thing to do is to walk away because you’re dead wrong and you shouldn’t be messing around with a man that has a woman in the first place. But you’ve wrapped your mind around the thought that since you have these strong feelings for him then naturally he should have them for you and he’ll eventually leave his main girl and be with you…… right? WRONG! That’s not how these situations go!

Ladies if you are waiting on a man to take away that side chick title and make you his numero uno I am sorry to inform you that this will never happen. why you ask? Quite simply in his mind you will forever be his girl on the side, a cut buddy, a jump-off, you my dear…are in second place

He will never take you as seriously as you would like because of the nature in which your relationship originated. Sure it seems cool initially because neither of you were taking it seriously, but it’s very serious to you now. However we must remember that just because you’re serious now doesn’t mean the same applies to him. Even if he breaks up with the main chick and decides to rock out with you, hypothetically speaking of course…the relationship will still have more flaws than a diamond with a grade of I-3, The respect level just isn’t there. And would you really want to be with a man that apparently has no problem whatsoever having several women at disposal? And do you honestly think he won’t have another side chick if you became his main girl? Stop it!

And lastly to add insult to injury… Are you even sure you’re his only side chick? You might be surprised to find out you were his 8th chick on the side, doesn’t really matter you’re playing yourself either way. I’m just saying…