Jersey Residents Face 3-Story Sandy Trash Tower


Hurricane Sandy has come and gone, but the super storm has left a lot behind to clean up.

Residents of a costly beachfront apartment complex in Long Branch, NJ are complaining to city officials about a pile of debris that has been discarded onto an empty lot next door. At nearly threes stories high, the heap of garbage contains items such as sofas and mattresses that were left on the streets in the wake of Sandy. Concerned about the cleanliness of the neighborhood and impending infestation of rodents, the people of Long Branch are looking to get the remains removed.

The neighborhood is also home to luxury shops. Merchants blame the pile of debris for a decline in business, cloaking that it makes the shopping area appear to be closed down. But Mayor Adam Scheider says the city has no other way of getting the garbage off the streets than to utilize the vacant lot.

Long Branch’s City Council plans to meet on Friday (Dec. 14) to discuss a contract for the clean-up.

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