Ashton Kutcher Divorce In The Works


Who knew we’d still be talking “Ashton Kutcher divorce” after all these months? That’s because the actor and Demi Moore finally filed for divorce today, after seven years of marriage and more than a year after first announcing their split.

Ashton Kutcher filed for divorce Friday, citing irrevocable differences as the cause for the split. But the two have been living apart since at least November 2011, when Moore changed her twitter handle from @MrsKutcher to @JustDemi. In their world, Demi Moore’s twitter handle change is just as good as Ashton Kutcher’s divorce papers, but alas, the courts still need a legal document to finalize the split.

The two made waves when they first got together in 2005, as Moore is 16 years older than Kutcher. They have been very public in their relationship since then, and have been public solo since splitting. Kutcher’s divorce has freed him up to allegedly date former That 70’s Show co-star Mila Kunis, while Moore has been all over the place, photographed partying it up with stars half her age recently.

Perhaps an Ashton Kutcher divorce will lead to an Ashton Kutcher wedding, to Kunis? Unless we’re all getting Punk’d.