Beyonce, Jamie Foxx Demand an End to Gun Violence in Wake of Sandy Hook Shooting


Beyonce, Jamie Foxx and several other A-list names lend their mug and voice in a call to action against gun violence. The “Run the World (Girls)” singer and Django Unchained actor stars alongside Conan O’Brein, Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, Reese Witherspoon and several other entertainers in a PSA for Demand A Plan, a grassroots campaign initiated by more than 750 mayors that asks, in wake of the recent tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, that President Obama and Congress “step forward with a plan to end gun violence.” According to, some 34 people are murdered daily by guns. The group is asking that for every gun sold in America, a criminal background check is required; that all assault weapons and high-capacity magazines are banned; and that gun trafficking becomes a federal crime. They group calls their wanting to keep guns out of the hands of criminals “Common Sense Legislation”

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